AONE: $17 SmartCar with ADAS, Ecall, and OBD II



A trivial carelessness can cause most car accidents and it even might take your life and family’s happiness away. With its advanced computer vision technology, AONE, the Safest driving companion, arranges extra precautions to avoid such accidents and ensures peace of mind for your loved ones.

AONE(ADAS All in One) is the new generation of connected car for smart and safe driving. It assists your safe driving using computer vision technology with the OBD data such as speed, RPM, steering wheel angle and etc. from your car. The device will guide you the safe driving with the information, your vehicle condition, driving habits, and traffic conditions. AONE assures total protection for vehicles and passengers. AONE utilizes smartphone camera for object detection and smartphone screen for display of information. The high quality of detection is able to improve level of safety that you and your family can feel.

While driving a car, do you feel nervous what will happen to your car or road? Most of you do thinking of it. ADAS One is the smart car service for protection of car accident and improvement of safe driving. AONE is the entry level product of ADAS One Brand which support LDW (Lane Departure Warning), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), FVSA (Forward Vehicle Stop Alert), E-call, and other safe driving technology. It provides the possibility of unexpected car accident providing the audio warning from your Android smartphone.


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AONE System is coupled of OBD scanner, smartphone cradle and Android app. AONE is attached quickly and easily to your car’s rear view mirror. It takes less than 5 mins to install with no mechanical experience needed. OBD II interface in the vehicle connects to your Android phone by micro-USB connector. Through Android apps, the AONE System gets the driving conditions and vehicle status from OBD scanner through micro-USB. The data include speed, RPM, steering wheel angles, battery voltage, DTC and etc. They are very important data for analysis of vehicle status. The Android app utilizes the camera of smartphone for detection of lanes and front vehicles. Our advanced computer vision technology such as Lane detection and vehicle detection help the driver to enjoy a safe driving through the Lane departure, forward vehicle detection, driver’s car monitoring in real time while driving.


Brand Concept of ADAS ONE

ADAS ONE is strategical brand of premium smart car solution to be developed and released by embedded vision R&D center of Hanyang Information and Communications Inc. and means providing our customers with the best value of convenient and safe driving condition by ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System) in the most reliable quality of our own algorithm. Furthermore, ADAS ONE represents the passion and business philosophy of Hanyang embedded business division to lead global safe driving solution market by premium Smart Car Solution accompanying by its superb quality and differentiated product concept.

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