"Apart" – A novel that flows like a dream, but feels like a movie


It’s the rare book that can combine mystery, science fiction, psychology, and drama, all while keeping the reader engaged and on the edge of their seat – but J. Lauryl Jennings’s first novel, “Apart”, has done exactly that.

Her first foray into fiction takes the reader on a shared journey with the protagonist, Karyn Kiplinger, as she first suspects, then later confirms, that her life is not at all what she thought it was.  As Karyn decodes and sleuths her way through the chapters, the reader is pulled along with her, eagerly awaiting the next clue, the next missing piece of the puzzle.  Just when you think you’ve figured out exactly what Karyn’s story is, the novel kicks into overdrive and the reader is rollercoasted through to a seriously satisfying conclusion.  “Apart” is quite the page-turner, and far from predictable.

“Apart”…has the reader participating as the story unfolds. I found myself visualizing the sights and scents that the main character was experiencing as well as the heartache and passion she felt…it made me think about my own life and situations as I related to her struggle…I had to discipline myself to slow down and savor the story instead of flying through it.”  (Ida H.)

Jennings profession as a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist is evident throughout the text; her understanding of the human condition propels the story through vivid descriptions that create a sensory wonderland for the reader.  “Apart” reads like a movie, with scenes and flashbacks that play out smoothly but keep the reader on their toes, eager to see what happens next.   “I really wanted to create a bond between the main character and the reader,” Jennings said.  “Engaging my audience was always the primary goal – otherwise you don’t have an audience.  I felt having the reader explore with Karyn was the most effective way to craft a shared journey.”

Although Jennings said she’d love to see a publishing house pick up her novel, she opted to crowdfund the initial printing run via Kickstarter.  “I love the idea of real people being involved in my project,” she said.  “That’s the kind of interaction I thrive on.”  Backers will have first access to the finished softcover book, credit in the book for their support, and various other perks.

“This is really exciting for me, and I hope the reader gets as much out of “Apart” as I put into writing it,” she said.

The “Apart” Kickstarter campaign ends on June 3rd, and if fully funded, Jennings anticipates the book should be printed and out to backers by late July 2017.

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