ARTICULATE – The power of art for global distribution


A R T I C U L A T E Contemporary Candy is an appeal to the eye, constantly exposed to visual pollution. Aiming to replace it with depth and visdom through an art magazine, loaded with high quality works, made by upcoming established and professional artists. Our call is to provoke quality above quantity. Adoring original awkwardness, with an odd relation to synchrony.

A R T I C U L A T E aims to make the art scene and its movements accessible to everybody, with a wish to avoid contribute to an at times exclusive art scene. Art is in all its aspects fantastic and mind opening, which is why we aim on unifying all layers of society, ignoring the general prototypes of classifications within any society; erasing borders with the point of embracing differences across ethnicity, social status, economics and health.

L A N G U A G E is key in communication and ours is a common non-commercial tongue (an articulate one, defined by shapes and sounds, thoughts and impulses, movements and stills, depths and surfaces, delay and silence).

To reach as many as possible we’re working on translation in Spanish and with time hopefully Mandarin, though the art pieces speak for them selves. We also aim to keep up the work and increase our network of genius creators and unite them with their audience of art-lovers, regardless of geography, in order to decrease the distance between the trinity of art piece, creator and spectator.

T H E   M A G A Z I N E is available as a FREE online version as well as print-on-demand. We encourage you to read the online version to protect the environment and reduce waste.

T H E  P R O J E C T as we aim to keep the magazine both FREE for the artists along its readers, we’re trying to raise funds to develop, translate and distribute on a global scale. For this we need your help in order to keep the magazine clean of unnecessary adds and publicity, a theme we in general try to avoid.

We encourage you to share our magazine with your network – that in itself will help tremendously.

Risks and challenges

I believe the challenge of ARTICULATE is expanding into more languages in order to reach more readers. It is already online and challenges within physical printing have already been redirected and adjusted. Other challenges are distribution as the magazine is sent with varies international shipping companies, which can cause delays after printing.

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