Author Duncan Malc Delivers a Powerful Antidote for "Speechlessness in the Age of Trump"


In the YouTube video promoting “Donald’s Deadly Roller Coaster” on KickStarter

author and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Duncan Malc comes to the rescue of the tens of millions of people in the USA and around the world who have literally been left speechless by the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States in November 2016. Malc’s “breakthrough” antidote integrates metaphor and wit, and then encases it in verse so powerful that it can cure even the most dumbstruck, and give them back their voice. The video closes with the call to action: “Speak up, fight back, with lethal metaphor!”

Malc originally set out to chronicle 2017, as it evolves, in a month-by-month collection of metaphor and verse that would take the lid off Washington and help entertain family and friends interested in following the cast of puppeteers now pulling the strings, many from behind the stage.

But the project quickly took on a life of its own. The resulting book, “Donald’s Deadly Roller Coaster“, is a simultaneously hilarious yet poignant exposé of the world’s newest “emperor sans clothes”, guaranteed to rescue anyone struggling to find and raise their voice again in the age of Trump. And it could not have come at a better time. From all corners of the country, and from many other countries as well, alarms have sounded in response to the Trump administration’s unhinged attacks on the press and any other critics. It is these alarms that Malc is now responding to, reminding us in the book’s Forward that, once rooted, loss of speech only continues to grow worse with time, and often does so with deadly consequences.

“Joining my wife and 9th grade daughter in the Women’s March in San Francisco, on January 21, 2017, opened my eyes and ears to just how deep a divide had opened up in the country, how quickly the fissure was threatening to expand around the world, and how many voices would have to be raised in unison to begin closing it again” explained author Duncan Malc. “It is my hope that “Donald’s Deadly Roller Coaster” will prove to be as therapeutic to the voices of many, many other readers as it has been to me, and to my own family and friends!”

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About the Author

Scottish-born Duncan Malc (political humor pen name) is an MIT and Cornell trained scientist, engineer, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur. As a young boy, he emigrated with his family to Canada, where he was promptly diagnosed with a severely disruptive Scottish accent. However, neither the diagnosis nor the treatment burdened Duncan’s immigrant parents, thanks to Canada’s exceptional public schools and comprehensive healthcare system. In 1989, Duncan was a postdoctoral researcher in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell, as a result of which he finds recent zealotry for building walls, never mind demonizing immigrants, public schools, or universal healthcare, to be fundamentally misguided. Widely published in leading scientific and engineering journals, and winner of multiple awards for his scientific achievements, Malc’s illuminating lectures, boisterous songsmanship, and rollicking verse have brought crowds to their feet around the world.

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