Award-Winning 11-Year-Old Violinist to Record Violin Concerto


Wesley Wells of Los Angeles is an 11-year-old violinist who recently won the Silver Medal in the London-based International “Great Composers Competition” for the best Vivaldi performance.

Wesley has also been recognized by world-famous violinist Joshua Bell, who graciously invites Wesley backstage at Disney Hall or the Hollywood Bowl after his Los Angeles concerts.   Joshua Bell has autographed Wesley’s violin case with the message, “Bravo, Wesley!”

Now Wesley is creating his first ever music CD, which will feature his performance of the famous and challenging double violin concerto by J.S. Bach. The CD will feature many other pieces as well.

Wesley has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring this project to fruition. This is the chance to get IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR of Wesley’s RECORDING CAREER by becoming one of Wesley’s sponsors!

Click on this link to for Wesley’s to learn about his story, his CD project, and see videos of his award winning performances.

Also, if Wesley realizes his musical potential and achieves a musical career—as people think he may–then this youthful CD will be an interesting artifact in years to come.  In other words, how cool would it be to have this recording if Wesley grows up to become a rock star violinist?  (It’s an “if” but you’d have major bragging rights.)

The “Bach Double” as it is known is recognized as one of Bach’s greatest masterpieces. All the great violinists have recorded it.

Some professionals have said that children are incapable of properly performing the Bach Double.   Wesley has heard this and he wants to prove them wrong.

Wesley has been in love with the Bach Double since he was 6 years old and it has been one of his burning ambitions to perform this masterpiece. Now, at 11, he feels he is ready for a public performance and recording.

Wesley began studying violin at the tender age of 5. He is now 11 years old. Wesley currently attends the Colburn Music Conservatory 2 times a week, while he is an honor student in a public middle school.

Musical Talent at 2 Years Old

At 2 years of age, Wesley showed the remarkable ability to sing back any music of whatever length he heard perfectly note-for-note. But more impressive was the intuitive sense of drama he imbued in the music. Wesley also has the ability to transpose pieces into other keys at will on his violin, which he does for fun!  Seriously.

Wesley is also a talented composer and he has won two awards for his original musical compositions, his most recent piece being a Nocturne in G minor. You can hear Wesley’s original composition on his project webpage.

Wesley has won local, state, and international awards, including winning the Silver Medal in the London-based International “Great Composers Competition” for the best Vivaldi performance.