The Bow Tie to Define Your Style!


Timbers Ties products are made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create style, the way you want it. Timber Ties are for the entrepreneurs, go getters, and dreams chasers of the world. Made from 100% walnut wood. Our designs are laser etched in order to create a  clean-cut look. The bow ties are covered with a clear coat for a long lasting protection.

The moon and stars, the church, and the city scape have gone through a thorough selection process. We know that at least one of these three designs will inspire each of our backers to be the change they want to see in the world. Once funded we will be systematically releasing more designs. One of our new designs will include a tribute to those who have fought for our freedom.

We chose walnut wood because of its many great characteristics. Not only do we love its rich brown color but that is is lightweight, shock resistant, and has great strength properties. We are absolutely happy with our choice. Its cooperative working characteristics, coupled with its rich brown coloration puts the wood in a class by itself among temperate-zone hardwoods. To cap it off, the wood also has good dimensional stability, shock resistance, and strength properties. This coupled with outstanding laser etched designs, and matching fabrics has made our complete product a lion among sheep!

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