BUNGEE SPONGEE Ltd has gone live on the Voom website, entering one of the biggest business competitions in the world!! 

Have you ever heard an under dog story, they are out there but rare! This is a true under dog story in the making, live to watch with your very own eyes.  We have entered Richard Bransons competition late because we discovered it late, in fact about 6 weeks late, now only leaving 14 days to gather enough public votes to go through!  Now thats only one reason why Bungee Spongee Ltd is a potential under dog, that can be explained by me Leon Mead, creator and founder of the Bungee Spongee® Brand.

Without getting bogged down telling you my life story I will keep it short and if I go through you will probably get to hear more!

Over the past few years I branded and protected my product ready for production, hand made by me at home!  I gathered funding for the quality parts I needed to bring to market a strong and reliable product.

On top of creating a hub to my business I have been a house husband, whilst my wife Karen works full time to look after the household income.  I look after my 3 year old daughter Elsie, I also make sure my 5 year old Lily gets to school on time and picked up, on top of this I have to work at the moment to guaranty we can keep up at home.

I run my business from home with very little cash flow, meaning I struggle to expose my product, it basically gets pockets of advertising hear and there.  I have to basically prioritise my priorities!

Richards Competition Voom is the ideal platform in which I can further my knowledge and potentially expose my product in ways that I can only dream of at present.

Your thinking what is a Bungee Spongee, come on just tell me!!  Well Bungee Spongee’s are the only attachable sponge, its so simple.  Saving the worlds Oceans, Seas and Rivers from more waste, boat owners never need to lose there sponges to the elements and environments again, meaning their sponge will be available to wash with or bail out with when needed.  And they are great for fishermen to use to obtain water quickly, easily and safely from lakes and river banks, beaches and boats, kayaks alike, to clean with. As fishing can be a very messy and smelly business!


It really is a convenient product made to last for years, dependant on use. But if you are still struggling to picture the unique Bungee Spongee, then you must see it in action on our Pitch Video in Voom, here below is the link.

Before you go into the world of Bungee Spongee® I must make a plea for your help, take a look and please VOTE, but please ask your friends to vote and share for us too, me and the girls will be extremely grateful,  we need all the help we can get in a short space of time.

Thank you so much for reading and thank you for any future votes. You can keep up to date through Facebook too as well as #Voom.