Business Ethics for large and small companies


Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics, based in East Anglia, UK, is launching a Crowdfunding initiative (see to raise monies for our ongoing work with business companies to promote and instil a culture of honesty, anti-corruption, fairness, and genuine Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) into business policies and practices.

Recent unethical practices range from the collapse of British Home Stores (BHS), involving the unacceptable behaviour of Philip Green; proven corruption overseas by representatives of the giant UK pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK); to heavy reliance on zero hour contracts by Sports Direct. All these types of corporate mal-practices call for greater understanding and the application of Business Ethics and CSR in companies, not simply token gestures by corporates.

We need to raise finance through our Crowdfunding goal to enable us to promote within business companies our methodology and expertise, and in addition to enable us to work with certain Universities, with which we have links, to combine our knowledge and to train business students of the future.

Please give generously, as we are dependent as a UK registered charity with global reach, on receiving donations to undertake this work. We have the qualifications, including at Harvard postdoctoral level, and the experience having worked in business companies, to go ahead, but we need your financial help to achieve our goal.    THANK YOU.


From the Director at Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics at