There Can Only Be Two – Star Wars Fan Film


There Can Only Be Two

Star Wars Fan Film

Follow the story that take Three men as they apprentice under the Galaxy’s Dark Lord of the Sith. Watch as some make a transition from the light to the dark. Some stop at nothing to achieve the title of Number Two and some just want to right wrongs by drawing blood from his enemies.

Cinema has been the biggest passion for the largest part of my life. Only second to Star Wars! Being the fan I am, I know that others want quality stories and detailed characters to relate to and follow as their epic adventures unfold. This is why I believe my Fan Film will stand out from the rest. I am creating a Universe inside a Galaxy. What I am looking for from you the fans, the fans this film was made for is the costs for Authentic Costumes and Props. With these high valued items, you will see the hue of many Lightsabers and the details of every stitch shot in 4K. Most importantly making it possible for future adventures following your favourite characters.

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