Can we get a Bungee Spongee® attached to the top of the worlds tallest building??

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

An impossible task for the house husband ‘Leon Mead’, you would think!  Well yes it is but anything is possible like being gifted a plane ticket to Dubai by three amazing friends.  Now the PR stunt is in full flow, but it leaves one question.  

Can Leon successfully take his product to the top? 

What Leon has said he really needs is official access so that he can attach his product too show off one of its unique selling points. But he is struggling to find the right contact to help him in his venture.


He is making a plea to all who maybe interested in this house husbands quest.  This is what he had to say.

“Well its amazing really, unbelievable to think that I’m flying out to Dubai next thursday.  But there you go its proof that people can achieve things that they think could be impossible.  It is just as well i’m surrounded by amazing friends that are there to help when a friend is in need”.

He goes on to say,”But really thats the easy part, i’m worried that the very least I will be denied entry because of my Bungee Spongee, yes its not going pose a security risk, but it is strange and unique to some people and theres no guarantee of entry with it. What I really want to do is attach it to a balcony around the top and I think I will need some help in organising this.  I have struggled so far to reach the right person, and am making a plea with the public asking if anyone has a contact at the Khalifa for me, or could even put me in touch with the owner”.

I asked Leon why was he taking the extra steps to try and pull off a PR Stunt like this, he replied.” I’ve been working on the hub of my business for a little while now and I have produced a product that oozes with common sense and logic, helping the environment, giving convenience and in the long run saving people money. But the simplicity of my creation has almost causes confusion sometimes, people ask why.  The virgin voom pitch video took me one day to complete with a friend, a nikon camera and my wife to put it together, and in short shows you why Bungee Spongee works!  That is what I want people to see that I have created a product that can help people and the worlds environment, however simple and small the difference is, it all stacks up”.

Leon went on to finish with. “The most important thing for me at the moment is votes, I need lots of them, I am an underdog there is no question, however much I dislike the fraise and I am way behind, entering mega late, all this to make a point and crack on and try and win Richards competition. I’m not winning at the moment, but then I wasn’t going to Dubai wednesday evening either.  So please please vote for me, give me a chance and help me get to London I know it can be done however slim”!

Well there you go, Leon is filled with passion and it looks like he has worked tirelessly for a few years now driving his creation and business to this point, please help Leon succeed, if anyone can help him in his quest then please contact him by phone 07765 237858 or email or contact him through his Facebook ‘Leon Mead’, also keep up to date with him there all are welcome.