Children’s Colouring Book – Picture Perfect! Kickstarter ends February 5th!


I have created a childrens colouring and reading book as part of my final year at university. It came together well being made into an official book as the final piece, and i decided it would be nice if i could get more copies made and sell them to help get myself out there, as im sure others are aware being an artist just starting out, it is difficult to get exposure even if you are constantly drawing on a daily basis and trying to promote yourself through deviantart, instagram, facebook etc..

I knew of an artist who used kickstarter to help promote her work as a book (even though she has alot more experience than me and been working with her artwork for many years before) but it gave me the idea of maybe i could do that, so ive basically done one here and one there to see which helps give me the best chance and the more you put yourself out there on several websites the more chance of exposure you could get.

Any kind of donation will be amazing towards this campaign and if you are willing to donate £10 or more i will send you a copy of this book in the post.

There are 3 book sizes, the first is A5 (15cmx23cm), next is a little bigger in a square format (21cmx26cm) and the large is A4. All will have a softback cover and it consists of 104 pages, 90 pages to colour the rest containing text from the story as well as end pages and contact information such as email and social media websites i am on. The colouring pages vary between double page spreads to single pages and some being detailed to others very simple and bold.

Any contribution will be a big help, the target ive set is £1500 because then any excess i receive if its more than £10 i can get large amounts printed and send them to childrens hospitals as spares. But that all depends on how much can be raised.

If the goal is reached i can then either change some rewards or add new ones such as different paper quality or hardback covers instead.

Thank you for reading!

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