Community Compendium:Stories of Connected Learning


THE MILLENNIAL TRAINS PROJECT (MTP) is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit organization that leads transcontinental train journeys for young innovators to explore America’s new frontiers. The project described below is an officially-approved campaign for one of MTP’s August 2016 journeys.

“Community Compendium: Stories of Connected Learning” and has a foundational goal of collecting and sharing the origin stories, foundational values, and best practices of learning communities across the United States. With the help of the Millennial Trains Project, a 501c3 that connects Millennials with peers, industry leaders, cities and communities to discover more about themselves and further a project goal. Project founder, Makena Schultz, will visit Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Milwaukee, and Detroit to interact with learning communities and collect their visions, foundational values, and best practices.

Being a part of a learning community, the Bailey Scholars Program at Michigan State University, saved Ms. Schultz from feeling like “just a number” during her time as an undergraduate. She states that being a part of a learning community, “truly challenged and reshaped her worldview”. Makena believes the structure of a learning community has great potential to help Millennials and others engage in learning by co-creating a space that works for each member. 

Additionally, employers are demanding that candidates come to the table with transdisciplinary skills, such as active listening, critical thinking and problem solving, and navigating differences to be a part of a team. Traditional learning environments with a sole focus on content do not create a space for learners to develop these transdisciplinary skills. Learning communities foster the development of lifelong learners. People who are constantly asking questions, looking for opportunities to challenge themselves and grow. It is these people, Makena would argue, who are the innovators and creators of positive change in communities.

Through this project and the creation of a digital publication of artifacts from Makena’s interactions with these learning communities, we will facilitate bridges being built. Bridges connecting these communities with one another for collaboration and cross-nation sharing. Additionally, the publication can serve inspirational starting points for those who wish to begin building a learning community themselves. It is her goal to create a community of learning communities by sharing these stories and artifacts.

Now that “Community Compendium: Stories of Connected Learning” has been accepted, Makena has to fundraise $5,000 to securing her seat on the train. Thank you in advance for investing in the idea that we all have the capacity to be teachers and learners- that we grow together better than we do apart. Thank you for investing in Community Compendium: Stories of Connected Learning

  • Note: If Makena’s campaign is among the first 30 to reach its $5,000 goal, all funds raised will go to MTP, which is a 501(c)3 organization. As such, they will be tax-deductible. These funds help to underwrite the costs of the journey and its associated programming, transportation, and hospitality costs. If I am not among the first 30 applicants to reach their crowdfunding goal, none of my supporters will be charged.

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