CoNet, network of activities in your city


Ever wanted to take part in, or initiate a movement in your city (like a libre currency or open source ecology) ?

Ever wanted to explore what your city has to offer (associations organizing events, …) ?

CoNet will help you.

CoNet is a free and open source mobile application and a database which gather many information about your city activities. Associations, organizations, and people can register any kind of activity on CoNet, allowing you to know what you can do, or what you can sign up for.

Using FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or any other social network, one is able to create or join any activity, and add any kind of information (dedicated website, or social media, date/time, location, categories, …).

The mobile application will help anyone to list activities and explore those information.

Following the principles of Open Data, every information about any activity will be accessible:

  • anyone can reuse those information in their own application/website
  • anyone can submit new information and/or activity

Unlike other tools (demosphere or Communecter), CoNet will mainly be a mobile application:

  • a directory that will only point to other data source
  • not only for France or European countries, but for every one

As a developer since nearly 10 years, who always believed in Open Source, Open Hardware and Open Data, who wants to be fully independent, I always developed tools for my expertise area (supervision and artificial intelligence). It is time to use my skills to serve peoples and not machine, this is one of the goal of this project.

The crowdfunding campaign I started will help me start this project and live without the need of a boss.

You will find more information on CoNet on its website.