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Day One chronicles an apocalyptic event that tears the world apart.  Creator Eddie Avila, a Parson’s School for Design graduate, brings you a unique and suspenseful story with this debut comic.  We take this journey with Pik Samson, a pharmaceutical rep living a normal suburban life with his expecting wife and son, who loses everything on day one.  In the midst of this disaster Pik realizes that long ago, his father had actually prepared him and his brothers to not only survive in this new world he’s been catapulted into, but to dominate it.  He is highly skilled in martial arts, an efficient marksman, and an incomparable knife fighter. In Day One, you will find mind-blowing fight sequences and martial arts that have never before been seen in comics.  With 20+ years of martial arts experience, Eddie has turned his reality into art and brought the ultimate survivalist to life.

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Limited Edition print for pledges of survivalist level 7.  This print is limited to 56 and will include "Day One" logo when complete, as will prints 1&2.