The DD® Standard: Let’s Empower Learning


Many of us have been pushed to achieve at times; after all, a competitive mindset can breed greatness. Sometimes we get so caught up in such desires that it no longer contributes positively to our health. Simply picture yourself as a body builder that injured your spine attempting to squat a few pounds too many, a professional track runner that continued to run on a sprained ankle against the advice of their physician, or a parent that constantly yells at their child for failure.

The DD® Standard

I’m no one special, but I understand the need for improving our sometimes knee-deep mindsets with testing.  I attended high school, I attended university, and even outside of academia, I found myself still caught up in a test-centric world as I tested to obtain my license to sell insurance.  I’ve even come across many employers requiring personality tests for employment.

I have confidence in the mission to be outlined, because the experience hits home for everyone.  I assume we all recognize the issue.  Therefore, I started Dadelleum®.

Dadelleum® is a corporation that seeks to improve testing practices and to contribute a positive impact to learners.  The overall impact of this mission should:

  • Enable professionals to succeed in a test-centric marketplace
  • Empower students to learn rather than to take tests
  • Enable testing institutions to better serve learners

Business Plan

Dadelleum® will work with a variety of testing institutions to advise on best practices with reference to the DD® standard.  Dadelleum will:

  • Review institutional exams for best practices
  • Certify exams and institutions that meet excellent standards
  • Collect comprehensive testing information for more visibility and research and actively identify ways of improving the testing environment


There is a long list of parties that will benefit from this small step:

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Taxpayers

Dadelleum Corp. is already an existing business entity, a full plan is already outlined and available on, and the cause is strong.  I know the support is out there.  Dadelleum is expected to operate as a self-sustaining business, but I need a slight boost to get things off the ground with a strong initial advertising campaign and some extra help on staff.

Let’s start testing for success, NOT stress.