Deadly Computers Pledge and Win a Razer Chroma Keyboard


What is Deadly Computers?

Deadly computers is a computer build service that allows you to customize your own computer at your budget. We offer things such as your choice in computer chassis and cpu etc.

Who’s the owner of Deadly Computers?

My name is Leovardo Morales and Deadly Computers has been a dream of mine ever since I picked up the hobby of building computers. I have dreamed of doing computer manufacturing as a career for years and with your help I can live that dream.

Why should I pledge to the project?

You should pledge because Deadly Computers is a great way to build your computer and with your help we can achieve the start up of the busines. Not only that but we offer great rewards such as the Razer Chroma keyboard when you pledge £20.

Wait I don’t have Euros?

Well you don’t need Euros just use the regular payment method and pledge. It’s not much off a dollars worth so it’s basically the same.

Where can I pledge?

Well the link is already added so you could go there and pledge.