DESDECERO (translated as “from scratch”) is a Spanish conference-based program which intends to inspire people by giving them the chance of listening to outstanding speeches from various entrepreneurs.

Its founder, Lola Perezdecastro, is a Spanish 18 year old photographer and writer who is taking a gap year and has started her own company “from scratch”. Her idea started out as a way of paying for her trip to India, and has ended up being a source of inspiration for hundreds of people.

On its first event, DESDECERO collaborated with many brilliant Spanish entrepreneurs such as the founders of “España Rumbo Al Sur”, “Sushita”, “All we love bags”, “Miami Fashion Week”, “IADE University of design”, the owner of one of the most famous veterinary clinics in Madrid, and an amazing singer: Cris Méndez.

In order to organize a second event, DESDECERO has started its own Crowdfunding project. The money raised through this project will be directly invested in improving its media coverage and paying for catering and venue for this second event, while maintaining the low price for the tickets.

The second event will take place on December 3rd, 2016. And will count with the participation of new and incredible speakers, such as Juan Echanove (actor), Javier Moro (Writer), and, once again, its founder: Lola Perezdecastro.

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