Los Angeles, (February 25, 2017) – Premiering exclusively this month on Kickstarter is Cauldron, a Sci-Fi Adventure graphic novel.  But be warned: this world has a quickly approaching expiration date.

Creators Amir Barda and Rob Walcott have been working on Cauldron for thirteen years.

“Both Rob and I grew up on Raiders of the Lost Ark, and our goal was to create the ultimate cinematic adventure,” Amir Barda explains. “Cauldron began life as a screenplay.”

“We started with some pretty strong concepts: a doomed world, a hero with a knack for illuminating dark places, and a wondrous relic that offers travel through space-time,” Rob Walcott recalls.  “These were the elements we started with.”

Their story centers around a professional dungeon guide named Corbeau Davidson, a  specialist who crafts tools of spectacular alchemy to illuminate dark crypts and nightmare places.  But when he learns that his planet has a cosmic collision bearing down on it, he’s spurred onto a globe-trotting quest to locate a mysterious artifact that will allow passage to a new world.

The creators are now adapting their screenplay into a graphic novel.

“Our goal is to take the images we’d planned for the big screen and to adapt them into panels.  Cauldron will be a movie contained within pages,” promises Barda.

“This will be a graphic novel of supreme cinematic scope,” Walcott stresses.  “For every page of scripted adventure we will have three pages of hand-drawn and lushly colored artwork.”

Cauldron will be rolled out over a total of Nine Issues.  But it’s Issue Number One that has Amir Barda and Rob Walcott’s complete focus.

“We need people to support this first issue,” Amir states firmly, “We’re excited to finally share our dream project with the Kickstarter community.  It’s vital that we get Cauldron out of the gates strong because Issue Number One obviously kicks off our adventure, but it’s also establishing the infrastructure we hope will carry us all the way to Issue Number Nine — the smooth process of Pencil Artists and Colorist and Letterer, not to mention the Printing and Distribution to all of our backers.  We want to tell Cauldron the way we always intended to.  No compromises.”

Cauldron’s Kickstarter campaign runs through March 23, 2017.

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