Easiest – An innovative furniture improve home life for Elderly and Disabled persons


Elderly and disabled persons have many difficulties in their daily life at home. For example move around, going to toilet. However we find no solutions for those difficulties on current products and devices.

Let’s talk about moving first, the current innovative wheelchair, are all about traveling. Trying to provide better moving experience to occupants, but none of them can’t really use at home, particularly the tight dwelling space in urban area.

And then is using toilet, it sounds no big deal for general aging population. However some of the disabled persons, especially the severely disabled persons who have to taken care by nursing attendant, using toilet is extremely hard to them. Diaper and toilet-chair definitely not a ideal solution they wanted. They just wanting using without bothering others like other do.

Now an innovative furniture Easiseat has been invented, aims to provide ultimate mobility, it allows sideway, diagonal and spin movement. It’s easliy to get into every room at home.

In addition, there is a set of mechanism integrated with wood frame, and functions to assist disabled persons using toilet easily

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