Effects-Driven Film “Bloom” Tells a Complex, Emotional Story that will Thrill Audiences


From acclaimed producer Joe Davids and director Sin Yuen comes “Bloom” a film about a young woman, Kate who has a deadly plant growing inside of her.  While trying to obtain treatment, Kate must struggle with an oppressive government, and her tyrannical mother who is trying to turn in Kate’s friend Finn, the leader of a populist uprising. Both Kate and Finn are racing against time to find the antidote for their conditions while evading government enforcers.  “Bloom” is a thrilling science fiction tale of heroism that will enthrall audiences with its stunning visual effects and richly emotional storyline.

“Bloom” is a major film project for the cast and crew, which include many award-winning filmmaking veterans. Producer Joe Davids has helped create films in a multitude of genres and is partnering with director Sin Yuen a London Film School graduate student, whose compelling vision of “Bloom” will help redefine how short films are viewed. Among the production team are Hollywood veterans Sarah Sanderson, Ivan Cipriani, Saimawn Si Shen, Stewart Dugdale and Mitchell Tanner.

This film is a major project that will require significant set production and complex scene crafting. One of the pivotal set pieces will take place on a London street and include more than 30 extras. Needless to say, this intricate filmmaking requires considerable financial backing to be successful.

The production team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise the £10,000 needed to complete production. In return for your generous support, you can get valuable perks like digital downloads, “Thanks” credits, signed artwork, access to other contributors, invitation to the premiere, production stills, script downloads, videotaped monologue, personalized artwork, movie poster, Blu-ray, movie extra voice work, Co-producer credit, invitation to the film set, or Executive Producer credit with input on a character’s development. To learn more about “Bloom” or to make a donation, please visit https://goo.gl/KzOnQ1.

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