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 Santa Fe, NM – What author wants to give away her books? Award-winning children’s book author Rosemary Zibart is hoping to do just that with her new picture book for foster children Kit Coyote: A Brave Pup.

 “Most agencies and non-profits that serve foster children are operating on a shoe-string,” says Zibart. “So I’m creating a Kickstarter Campaign called “Give a Child a Smile” to raise money to promote and distribute books for free or at a greatly discounted amount.”

 Told from the child’s point of view with imaginative illustrations, Kit Coyote conveys the complex emotions – fear, anxiety, confusion – that foster children often experience. A review from NASW (National Association of Social Workers) praised the book as a valuable resource for caseworkers, foster parents, school counselors, CASAs, child therapists, family court judges and others in the field.

 The book answers the tough questions a foster child often wants to ask: “Do my parents love me?” “Why can’t I live with them?” “What will happen to me.” The story emphasizes “safety” as the goal for every child.

 “Foster children often has difficulty expressing their feelings,” says Zibart. “My hope is this book will validate the child’s feelings and help the child feel more understood and less alone.”

 There are 400,000 foster children in the United States at any given time. Recently, the numbers have grown hugely due to an increase in parents addicted to opioids or other drugs.

 You can contribute to “Give a Smile to A Child” at www.Kickstarter.com or go directly to the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/634158470/give-a-smile-to-a-child

 For more information contact Zproductions505@gmail.com or go to www.Zproductions505.com