Enter the DREAME


Welcome to the DREAMEngine project, aimed to give you the inspiration and the basis for creating your own characters, adventures, or even worlds, including the original supplementary Tabletop Role-playing Game.

Have you ever had a writer’s block and need inspiration… or do you have the best idea ever but have no idea how to use it? The DREAMEngine helps with that- allowing you to create original characters, with memorable stories in fantastic worlds that is unlimited in size and complexity. The current book series; labelled as DREAMEngine Alpha, offers just this in a simple three-book format. The first book, ‘The Essentials’ provides all of the rules, guidelines, and tips you need to begin making your dreams come to life.

The second and third book are complimentary to the other, larger portion of this project; the DREAMEngine Tabletop Role-playing Game, featuring a foreign modern world with many sights to see, people to meet, and weeks of fun and creativity- being who you want to be. The latter two books respectively are a player guide, filled with content for the adventuring world, and the Gamemaster guide, topped with all of the information about the world itself, memorable people and events, and more.

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~ A.J. Longstreet