Evelyne’s Debut Album


A songwriter, script writer and singer is looking for a small amount of backing to finish off the debut album and shoot the music videos she needs to take her music to the next level.

I’ve had amazing feedback on my music, I’m working with some incredible producers, and I can’t wait to get start on making music my full time job!

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About this project

It all began with 5-year-old Evelyne singing church hymns to the builders, who were working on her family home, for polo mints…

“Roots and Wings” – As soon as I could take lessons, I began to write music – on piano, on the guitar, as I was travelling on trains. After spending a year in Brighton studying the craft of Songwriting, I then began to write songs for signed artists and producers all around the world – ‘doing music’ for the love of it. I have written to song briefs for artists signed to the likes of Sony, Universal and even Warner Chappell! It’s been an incredible experience.

Now, it’s time to focus on the Evelyne Project. I’ve been writing and writing to my heart’s content, and now have enough material for two, maybe even three albums!

The money I will raise on Kickstarter is going to help me finish my Debut EP, and to produce one or two music videos (I already have the location and Director in place!).

I’ll also make a few bespoke copies of the EP for sale, and some of you who are pledging will get a signed or ‘kissed’ copy too, depending on the pledge you choose!

Once the EP and music videos are finished, I’ll start working on my first studio album…

Come with me, it’s going to be beautiful. šŸ™‚ E x

An example of a co-write I did with Nikonn Mikro, called Take Me Down, for his fourth studio album.



Risks and challenges

I could put all of my heart, soul, and my deposit for my own place, and that it could never reach the heights I have envisioned.

The thing is, I’m tough, resilient, determined – and, so far, everything is coming together so perfectly it is as though someone means for it to work out for me.

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