EverStand: Self-Balancing Egg with Secret Storage inside


Machined from Titanium, Copper, Brass & Aluminium with mirror clear surface and removable top shell to reveal a space inside.

About this project

It is one of a kind self-balancing egg crafted from titanium, copper, brass and aluminium. Removable top shell with hollow inside makes it ideal for keeping any small valuables or present a luxury gift.



When creating the egg we set a goal to make it absolutely one of a kind – something you could not find anywhere else.

Always restores the balance

Always restores the balance


Our surroundings are one of the first great impressions about us.

We all love to enhance our environments with beautifull and unique things that make our everyday space more enjoyable. Those things are also a great way to show your aesthetic sense, values or even tell a story about you. This is exactly what EverStand was designed for. It is meant to make you feel and look good.

Touch matters:

With all the technologies, gadgets and the internet we often forget how important is the real interaction with the real objects. EverStand has a shape and surface very pleasant for a touch and the balanced body makes it absolutely unique to play around.

Spinning Titanium Egg

Spinning Titanium Egg


Secret storage: Removable top shell reveals the secret place inside. It is perfect to keep any small valuables in a neat way. You can store pretty much anything that fits in the shell. It’s machined with precision so the fact that it opens will be secret of yours.

Luxury Gift box: Unique and beatiful way to present a gift to your loved ones. Comes with black foam to put the most exclusive gifts.

The Perfect work desk companion: Long hours at work? Stuck between papers and screens? Perhaps you need a brainstorming boost or loose a bit of stress… Just touch the egg, relax and renew focus.

Outstanding design piece: Made from premium metals, perfected to the smallest detail EverStand brings the stunning looks to your space.

Conversation starter: With a standing egg you surely can bring more converstions to the room. We tested it – a lot of fun is guaranteed 😉

Great present for every age: It is always fun to interact with. Wiggle it, spin it, roll it and watch how it restores its balance.




The egg has naturally perfected its shape through many million years of evolution and has a powerful symbolism. Since Ancient Times it has symbolized new beginnings, long life, the spark of creation and purity. To keep those values we designed the EverStand shape as close to natural as possible.

Striking polished Titanium egg
Striking polished Titanium egg





The most challenging part was to create the perfect balance.

EverStand eggs are made with the latest cutting edge technology using precision CNC machining and perfected to every detail to ensure its balance and quality. Each egg is made from solid piece of titanium, copper, brass or aluminium and consists of two parts- the base and the shell. Both parts have a thread to open the egg. The hollow inside makes the top shell a perfect keepsake container.

The solid base is much heavier making the egg to stand on its end. Creating the perfect balance was the biggest challange for us. The top shell needs to be much lighter than the base therefore its wall thickness is less than 1mm. This is possible only with CNC machining. We manually check every egg to make sure they meet our quality standards.



















Hi Kickstarter friends, i am Kristoph Krisjans.

Last year i partnered with my two brothers and together we created GRAVITON and Gr2 Spheres with more than 600 amazing backers supporting us. We received tons of positive feedback and we are very grateful to everyone who helped us. This time we are proud to present you our third project- the EverStand Egg.

In our team everyone is a creator and we love what we are doing. This is our passion, our hobby and our job. We truly believe that beautiful surroundings can make our everyday space more enjoyable.

When launching a new product there is nothing more important than good relationship with our supporters. Kickstarter is amazing platform where we can offer our supporters a great price and unique chance to follow whole manufacturing process.



Risks and challenges

This is our third project with CNC machining here on Kickstarter. We have gained a lot of experience and we can surely say that our team is well prepared to ensure the highest quality and fastest delivery time. The third project comes soon after the second one since our CNC manufacturing capacity alows us to do that. We have gone through lot of prototyping processes and made a few test runs for larger batch manufacturing. Though there are always some potential challenges to every Kickstarter campaign that may cause small delays, we are confident about project’s fulfillment in time and we promise to keep you updated untill you get your rewards. Our priority is to make every backer satisfied.