évoé – The first digital cellar for wine lovers


Keep track of all your wine movements, manage your cellar anytime anywhere and get access to all information you need about your wines!

About this project






Cellar management, recording automatically all bottle movements in and out.


Searching wines by name, by label, with filtering capabilities to reach all information such as grape variety, alcohol content, rating, name of producer.


Information on the optimum maturity of any wines.


Recording wine testing experience and managing your favorites, sharing your wine tasting experience with a community of wine lovers.




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If we reach our campaign goal many other functionalities and improvements will be implemented in the app.

Android version of the app is currently developed and will be available before the delivery of the product.



The évoé wine companion reads an NFC chip discretely placed under the bottle, and sends the information to a mobile app connected with a professional wine database.

By professional database we mean that information is curated by professionals, not simply generated by users, thus providing the most reliable information. The database contains 300’000 different wines and gathers data on almost 1’000’000 different vintages.

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The reading of the tag is confirmed by a light signal:



  • The bottle movement’s information is stored in the wine companion until it is downloaded via Bluetooth with the mobile device.
  • évoé can manage several cellars and allows to create sections in the cellars to easily retrieve any wine.
  • It manages bottles of different sizes individually or per box.



The wine companion runs on battery with sufficient autonomy between recharges, so that it can be used in the living room, in the kitchen or in the wine cellar, even if there is no electricity.


Our app is already available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian) and more to come.






évoé is about sharing a common passion for the wine!!

Whether you are a fine connoisseur or a curious amateur, évoé is the solution you were looking for.

You do not need to possess a lot of bottles or a large wine cellar to enjoy the pleasure of a wine companion. Our solution is intended to:

  • Always keep track of your cellar content.
  • Select wines you will drink next meal even away from home based on criteria such as color, maturity, region and price.
  • Be informed when a wine becomes mature, or start to pick
  • Avoid forgetting old boxes of wines already picked
  • Get information on wines when you visit a store and be sure not to buy wines you already have in sufficient quantity!
  • Record your wine tasting experience in restaurants and parties outside home
  • Share your wine tasting experience with a community of wine lovers




The current technological suite was designed for wine lovers in a private environment, with the objective of operating either in cellar (even without electricity supply and no Internet connection) or in the kitchen and the living room.



Who better than three wine passionates to understand the motivations of every sommelier who lives inside us ? Optimize everyone’s wine cellar management system, drink each bottle at its optimal maturity, while learning on wine and sharing with friends, this is the new quest of évoé Wine Technology SA. Created in February 7th, 2013.

Originally developed as a product for professionals, the founders realized that a simple and automated wine cellar management would perfectly fit the needs of individuals as well.















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Risks and challenges

With a fully developed solution, we see limited technical risks in the industrialization. We listed here below our potential risks:
1. Get the CE certification (EU) and the FFC certification in the US. We have selected pre-approved component to reduce risk and speed up process;
2. Select of material to obtain the desired smooth finish;
3. Manufacture and fine tune the mold for injection;
4. Design quality control along the supply chain.
On the app side, we still need to program the android version and modify the design for tablets, but this is a low risk task.
On the backend side, further work is needed to add more functionalities to the core product we already developed.
On the database side, continuous work is needed as more wines are created daily and we must include them in the database.

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