Exciting New Writing Project to support Dyslexic authors launching in Bristol.


Redshift Productions and Tangent Books are underway with a vibrant new undertaking; the development and launch of an exciting writing project that enables and encourages dyslexics to have a literary voice within the publishing and creative media world. Successful authors will have the opportunity to get their work published, with a selection of the developed content to be published in an e-book/ audiobook format at a later date and made accessible to download through the Redshift website.

Carlton Romaine, founder and Director, says:

“Redshift is an amazing new initiative currently setting up to help Dyslexics in the Creative Arts get the recognition and rewards their work merits in areas where they have traditionally encountered challenges such as publishing. As a Dyslexic myself I’ve experienced first-hand the barriers that can be raised, and I know many of those barriers have stopped promising authors from pursuing their passion.”

Initially we are looking to work with Dyslexic authors in Bristol, but with a view to development to a national audience within the first full year.

We’ve undertaken research to identify the key needs of our target audience, working closely with Tangent Books, a local Bristol publisher, and a number of Dyslexic authors, teachers, and students. Through this, we have been able to identify a number of areas we need to develop tools and structures to cover the needs of our client authors.

This is a great time to get involved as we are currently looking to attract support to help us develop these tools and bring on the people with the expertise we need to make sure we can take our client authors from ‘pad to published’. Our crowdfunder page has some amazing rewards for those who want to participate and make a real difference!

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