Expand to Empower


This campaign will enable my enterprise raise funds to expand and create more jobs for the teeming unemployed youth in our community and beyond.

I am Emmanuel Sintim, a Ghanaian resident in Kumasi, the garden city of Ghana. I hail from the eastern part of Ghana. I am married to a beautiful and intelligent woman. I have a baby boy who is close to six months old. After my diploma education in the University of Ghana, i worked as a medical laboratory technician in a government hospital laboratory for close to five years. I saw myself through business school to gain a business degree. I worked and attended business school in the evening because i wanted to create a better financial future for myself and family, and be able to assist others realize their dream. After business school, i took up a human resource manager position with a poultry company in Kumasi, Ghana. I discovered great opportunities in the industry and decided to step out and start living my entrepreneurial dream.

In the midst of all the challenges, i have been able to start an agricultural retail business and employ one person to manage the retail outlet.  This campaign is to enable us raise funds to inject into the enterprise. Raising funds locally especially for startup’s like ours is challenging so contributors would be helping us a great deal.

Primarily, the funds will go into the purchase of goods to re-sell to farmers and other customers. Funds will also be used to purchase tricycles to support our delivery service and also employ more hands to help us market and sell our products.

Achieving this funding goal will not only help the enterprise expand but most importantly, contributors will empower us to create jobs for a number of unemployed youth in our community. So indirectly, contributors will be creating jobs for the youth right here in Ghana even though they are miles away. Helping us reduce unemployment means, contributors will help the youth stay away from social vices that occur as a result of the absence of jobs. The  impact of contributors would be far reaching.

A lot of challenges exist for us as a startup business which includes access to capital. We may not be able to raise the funds we require but we are not giving up. We are going to use what we have to reach our goal as a business enterprise.

Please if you cannot contribute, kindly tell others about us and our cause.

Thank you!

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