First Love Yourself


Teaching people to First Love Yourself.

I first came up with this idea by battling depression… nothing could get me out of it.  I would laugh and have good times but at the end of the day I’d cry myself to sleep.  One day I decided to stop having pity for myself and told myself “People love you!  Why do you feel this way? You know you matter so knock this off!  You’re putting yourself in this situation”.  Something inside me clicked, and I realized that I’m the one that snapped myself out of it.  From then on I noticed how people look for happiness outside themselves, how people look for help outside themselves…HOWEVER… we never thank ourselves.  If we receive help from an outside source then we must learn to thank ourselves first. The is the First step towards loving ourselves.

We are always quick to thank others before us.  When in reality, no one can help us if we don’t seek the help.  I came the to the conclusion that we must first thank ourselves in order to start loving ourselves.  Once we learn to First Love Yourself, then we will soar with other FLY’ers and never be grounded again.

Risks and challenges

The risk of completing my project is that I’ll have to do it myself if I don’t have backers, which would take A LOT longer. I’m determined to get this done with or without help.

The challenge I may face is running into late lead times, or an unqualified printer who will not make my designs exactly like I want them too. The solution for that is to find a better printing service.

This project will help me start my women’s line. I have only created the t-shirts but slowly and surely I will achieve this.

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