Following Marco Polo – Music along the Silk road (CD-album)


Through interpreting musical pieces of different countries we try to convey and create respect and acceptance. The project combines understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence between the cultures of the world.

The Silk Road used to be an ancient trade channel between Asia and Europe, spanning over thousands of miles and numerous countries, leading through deserts and over mountain ranges. Not only goods but also culture and knowledge were transported from East to West and vice versa.

Our music takes you on the fascinating journey through the countries of the Silk road: China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, through southern part of Russia to Italy. Like a string of pearls of different cultures the songs, arias and piano pieces revive the ancient bridge.

v.l.n.r. Maharani von Jodhpur, Ekaterina Potego, Maharadscha von Jodhpur, Govind Rathore
v.l.n.r. Maharani von Jodhpur, Ekaterina Potego, Maharadscha von Jodhpur, Govind Rathore

One of the specialties of the album is the fact that each song is performed in its original language, 10 languages in total. We perform the pieces as modern vocal opera interpretations accompanied by a piano. Thus we revitalize the spirit of Marco Polo’s journey and of the Silk Road countries.

The album “Following Marco Polo – Music along the Silk Road“ offers the audience a beautiful musical experience while combining philosophies of different countries and continents.

We wanna hope, this piece of art will contribute to making our world a better place to live!

Many thanks for supporting us!!!

Working rehearsal :)
Working rehearsal 🙂

Risks and challenges

1. Sickness or death.
2. CD Mailing problems due to postal errors.
3. Internet connections problems, during the Skype concert ( in this case we will postpone the concert).

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