For Truth and Honor


During the height of the German occupation of Norway, policemen all over Norway stood together as a collective protest by refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Nazi Regime. They understood that the time had come to no longer sit on the fence, but take a stand, even at the threat of execution. Their refusal lead to their imprisonment and removal, ultimately to Stutthof concentration camp in Eastern Poland, where an elaborate network of concentration and death camps had been created mainly for Jews and Poles. The police, true to their training, recorded the details of their experience. These articulate, experienced, witnesses has provided a record that is unique; a treasure trove describing how personal sacrifice can triumph over purposeless greed and violence.

The first publication in the Stutthof Diaries Collection series, ‘For Truth and Honor’ (Kickstater Camapign) enable the reader to experience close up the redemptive force of conscious choice against evil. Read more about this amazing story at Stutthof Diaries Collection

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