Guardian Angel At Your Service


It happened last year. In the middle of the summer night I saw them.
“This is a group of homeless”, I thought firstly. They weren’t although they looked like. “Sorry, it is not our real look! We are invisible beings and we wanted to be discreet.” They explained to me.
It was my first encounter with the angels.
OK, this is a long story… I will write a book…

In a nutshell.
Angels asked me for help. I agreed, of course. Who would not?
I have helped them with the integration to the human society.
They love to live with us. They want to serve although they know that we are not as perfect as other beings in our planet. Angels are tolerant and will excuse all our fails.
This is not the only difference between humans and angels.
We can learn many good things from them.
I hope we will take a chance to change the world to Angelic standard!

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