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New York, NY (August 5, 2016) – HEDDA NEEDS HELP, a darkly comedic short film stars actress MALIN BARR as an aspiring poet who kills her big break in New York City. Because really, haven’t we all at one point or another right? A relatable comedy for anyone who has done “whatever it takes” to make it, HEDDA NEEDS HELP strikes an all-too-familiar chord, welling up nauseating pangs of déjà vu for audiences from all walks of life.

From new filmmaker/writer Lisa Baron, HEDDA NEEDS HELP is the culmination of experiences of Baron and actress/co-writer, Barr. Both women, like most trying to navigate the competitive concrete jungle, have survived somehow and wanted to shed some humor (versus tears) on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of trying to “make it” in The Big Apple. The all-female creative team is rounded-out by seasoned producer, Kristin Frost, who has a few insane “things I’ve done” stories, herself. HEDDA NEEDS HELP is based on a true story and follows Hedda, an aspiring poet who literally kills her one shot at success. Hedda’s ambitious strategy for success is undermined by her knack for attracting mayhem, derailing her best laid plans.

Baron, Barr and Frost are excited about the potential in this female-driven story and its female filmmaking team. The narrative centers not only around the challenges of being an artist in NYC, but also on the obstacles women face, in particular. “QUOTE HERE” states Barr. Based on her experiences producing indie shorts and features, Frost also notes the overwhelming number of male filmmakers who are in key creative roles on productions, commenting “the film industry needs to see more unconventional narratives from a strong, female point of view. There is dearth of films directed by talented women directors; they’re out there, but they just need the support and attention to get their voices heard and their films made.”

An Upstate New York native, Baron (background before film) which led her to realize her love for storytelling. Barr, who hails from Sweden, met Baron (how met) and thus began their creative collaboration.

Barr is represented by XYZ Talent (Agent)

Direct all inquiries to Producer, KRISTIN FROST: kristin.frost00@gmail.com

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