Help Build Mariner Custom Guitars Website!


Mariner Custom Guitars has been serving the greater Philadelphia area for a year now. We offer completely custom and built-to-order guitar services for those that wish for something unique. We also design and build our own unique guitars that always feature elements that are never found in factory or other large scale guitar production companies. We constantly seek improvement to build totally innovative guitars with specific and clear tones that suit the need of any guitarist.

The capital raised from this campaign will be used to build a website that suits our customers ordering needs. We also wish to increase our marketing campaign to reach customers all over the United States. We currently only have social media marketing campaigns, but have noticed that our guitars and company have been gaining momentum and traction amongst guitarists.

Once the funds are raised, the website will become live and our aggressive marketing campaign will be started. Once everything is live, guitarists all across the country will be able to enjoy our unique products and stand out at their next gig!

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