Help me get beat up by kickboxers for an epic and socially aware music video!


I’m Stephen, and I’m working on an indie pop music project called N’RTH. I was a university student studying political science in Vancouver, Canada, but I decided to follow my dreams and pursue music. To fund my endeavours, I work as a plumbing apprentice and a logistics company dispatcher.

N’RTH is a project that dips into Trap, Rock and EDM, and always delivers creative and catchy music. I produce, sing, play all instrumentation, do web and graphic design, video editing and artist management.

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This Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise money to help pay for an epic music video being produced for the N’RTH song “Wreckless” from the debut EP Kalamalka. The video will feature me singing and dancing while being hit (for real) by three competitive female kickboxers.

Filming is already finished for this video, and the editing is about half finished. To complete it the rest of the way, I need help from the film production company that filmed it, and for that I need funding to pay for invoices. That’s where your help comes in! Without help, I will be swamped in the costs of this project, and won’t be able to manage that debt. However, if I can meet my funding target, then I can pay off the debt quicker and start working on the next project sooner! I don’t expect to make money doing music, but I feel that I have to make an effort to get the music out there and have it heard!

The song “Wreckless” was written as an ode to the strong women throughout the world who fight to improve their communities. The song is about a man telling a woman that she can take out her frustrations on him by being rough as a lover. He wishes her to be wreckless and passionately embrace the night.

The world is full of women who carry on their shoulders the future of their communities, and that can be difficult and frustrating. Over the past decade, women have been at the forefront of many political and social movements, including the global environmental movement, the Black Lives movement, First Nations Reconciliation, the Occupy movement, the Kurdish movement, the Arab Spring, and the recent Women’s March to Washington. This song is dedicated to those women who continue to fight for a better world.

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