My Hibachi Debuts Revolutionary 3-in-1 Grill, Deep Fryer and Hibachi Table




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My Hibachi Debuts Revolutionary 3-in-1 Grill, Deep Fryer and Hibachi Table


miami November 27, 2016Cookware maker Outdoor Grilling Innovations announced today that it is launching the My Hibachi B.B.Q., a combination grill, deep fryer and Hibachi table. This innovative three-in-one design seats six comfortably to enable a Benihana-style dining experience. The gas-fired My Hibachi is intended for outdoor use.


“How would you like to have a high-end Hibachi restaurant experience in your very own back yard?” said Carlos Cabrera, creator of the My Hibachi B.B.Q. “We’re reinventing the barbecue to change the way America grills.”


The My Hibachi grilling system is the first of its kind. It can function as a basic outdoor grill, but also allow Hibachi style cooking on a stainless steel grill plate measuring 19.75” X 27”. This offers more than four square feet of cooking space. Guest dining tables fold up from the sides so people can sit right next to the cook. A deep fryer is part of the assembly.


My Hibachi features a powerful gas burner for outstanding cooking results. The grill folds down for compact storage or transport to tailgating events. It comes with four chairs and a waterproof cover. No assembly is necessary. In the United States, “hibachi-style” cooking refers to Japanese teppanyaki cooking, where the chef cooks on a heated metal plate in front of diners. In Japan, this kind of cooking device is called a shichirin.


Cabrera is an inventor and serial entrepreneur. He is renowned for his patented self-modulating tank-less water heating technology. He was the CEO of SETS-Systems, which eventually became Eco Smart. In 1996, Cabrera leveraged assistance from NASA through its Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program created to assist small businesses with engineering challenges.


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