Homestead Store and Farm market


Welcome from the wide open plains of North Dakota! My family and I live on 68 acres in central ND in the largest organic grain county in the state. Our place is called Faith Farms, it is an abbreviated version of Ephesians 2:8, we try to live it as well as believe it! We are a state inspected egg producer (200 hens) and are also members of the ND farmers market and grower association as well as the Capital Farmers Market. We have a fairly large garden by everyday planting standards but small compared to more established marketers in the state. As part of our goal to grow and be able to produce a larger and more diverse offering of grown produce and homemade goods we have been researching the ability to support ourselves entirely from the farm and the income it could generate. After speaking with many others in our area that would like the opportunity to buy and consume locally sourced food and home goods as well as other all natural/ organic items that we could stock it became a realistic and feasible goal to open a homestead store. The funds requested would be used for plumbing to be run to state regulations, as well as electric to state code as well. Along with the plumbing would also include a separate septic system for the store only. In order to help with lowering start up costs the goal is to bring in a small used “cottage” type modular and upgrade it to public use standards. We are already a registered business in the state and have already been in contact with all regulating authorities in regards to what basic needs would have to be met. We are excited and feel we have prepared as much as possible for start up, but are also prepared for the “unknown” issues that always arise. We welcome any ideas, opinions, thoughts or suggestions that may help us to achieve our goal. Thank you for taking the time to read about our start up!

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