Intellect Society


My name is Brian Jefferson and I recently just started a company call “Intellect Society”. Our first venture as a company will be creating a social media site that will introduce a new era of the social media world. The name of the app will be called “iSociety” in which you can do anything that you want to do like: Live streaming, making post, sharing media content and much more that other social media sites do not give us today. The reason for this Press Release is to find people that want to contribute to this new evolution of social media. If you would like to help fund the newest social media out there you can send funds to the company’s kickstarter account:

By clicking on that link it will take you to the kickstarter page where you can help fund the company. We have a special going, which only applies if you contribute $1,000 or more. You will be able to get verified on the website, just like you see on twitter and Instagram but with your verified account you will have direct access to me. The world needs a new social media site and this will be the new one that will take over all the other ones by storm. I have listened to what people have been saying that they want and implemented it into my own social media site along with some hidden secrets. Remember any contribution helps and will be recognized when we are up and running. The money will be going towards the production of the application and also the servers and marketing. Thank you for your contribution in advance and updates will be posted to keep you up-to-date. Hope you’re having a great day.


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