A Kat Perkins Christmas Album Vol. II


I LOVE Christmas, and I heard you do too! I want to make an album of Xmas music JUST FOR YOU – originals AND your favorite xmas songs!

A KAT PERKINS CHRISTMAS Vol. II will capture your hearts and fill your home and holidays with JOY! Be a part of making this album a reality!

I LOVE Christmas. In fact, I was born JUST in time for Christmas – literally. I was born on December 23.  I came out of the womb singing Christmas songs! I’ve had an amazing journey in the music industry including starring in musical theatre productions, my own rock bands, and most recently finishing as a semi-finalist on season 6 of NBC’s The Voice Team Adam!  Along with completing my first 2 records since my stint on TV, last year I successfully wrote, produced, and performed my first ever “A Kat Perkins Christmas” show and recorded an album sold at my shows!  It was a hit!  We sold out 8 of 13 shows and shared the joy of Christmas all over the midwest! This year I’m on my way to doing the same thing on a larger scale with new songs, family stories, and a variety of entertainment.  I can’t imagine NOT having Volume II of A Kat Perkins Christmas album to accompany the shows!

A Kat Perkins Christmas Vol. I



I NEED YOUR HELP!  I’ve compiled my favorite Christmas songs including 4 original songs written by not only myself, but some of the top songwriters in the nation! With your financial assistance I will assemble the top musicians in Minneapolis, MN along with my trusted producer and longtime collaborators to complete a unique, heart warming, fun Christmas album that you can listen to with your family around the holidays!

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1. JOY JOY JOY – co-written by myself and Eric Warner.  This song will feature a choir of rising young stars with soprano voice.  It’s exactly what is says – JOY!


2. Christmas Stockings – written by the incredibly talented Aaron Gabriel from Minneapolis, MN.  This song is a play on words and will have you dancing in front of your Christmas Tree.  The ‘popiest’ of all the tunes, you will be singing along in no time.

3. Santa Baby –  a 1953 Christmas song written by Joan Javits and Philip Springer.  My favoriteversion is sung by Eartha Kitt.  My version is much more ‘rock’ and super fun to listen to!

4. Minneapolis / St. Paul – written by my great, extremely talented friend Jennifer Grimm from Minneapolis, MN.  This jazzy standard tune was featured on WCCO radio last year in Mpls / St. Paul and was proclaimed a favorite by many who saw my live show.  You will LOVE it.

5. North Dakota Christmas – written by my uncle Randi Perkins of Nashville, TN.  This song was written bout what it was like spending our childhood celebrating Christmas in North Dakota and reminiscing about our family gatherings.  This is sure to tug at your heart strings and you will LOVE a personal look into my family’s Christmas memories!

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I will be releasing this album in hard copy just in time for our live shows of “A Kat Perkins Christmas” later this year, BUT Kickstarter backers get the songs FIRST!!  Literally, I will send them the second I have them done!  I will include the digital liner notes as well with graphic art design by Taryn Creation whom I’ve trusted with my graphics for every project.

For the first time, I’m offering intimate Skype chats and Skype performances and I’m super stoked to perform with Eric Warner for the performances!

T-SHIRTS AND SWEATSHIRTS! So excited to offer you the cutest merchandise on the planet!  Check out our witty designs!  These can be yours!



New T-Shirt!  How can you resist??
New T-Shirt! How can you resist??


#KATKNIT! I’m also HAND CRAFTING my “infamous” #katknit infinity scarves for those of you buying the fun packages including these warm, unique scarves!  If you’ve followed my story from THE VOICE, I was known for my crafty side and I ended up knitting scarves for nearly everyone on the cast and crew!

Vikings #katknit!
Vikings #katknit!


TJ Wilkins from THE VOICE enjoying his #katknit!
TJ Wilkins from THE VOICE enjoying his #katknit!


Dani Moz from THE VOICE enjoying her #katknit infinity scarf!
Dani Moz from THE VOICE enjoying her #katknit infinity scarf!

Super duper excited to also offer a couple tickets and backstage passes to one of my “A Kat Perkins Christmas” live shows if you’re in the midwest during the holiday season!  It’s a fun-filled, family feel good live theatre show with something for everyone!  You might even end up ON STAGE with me!

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ORNAMENTS!  Craft hour couldn’t be any funner (yes I said it) than hand crafting my OWN ornaments complete with a picture from THE VOICE and my autograph!

Handmade ornaments!  I LOVE Christmas!
Handmade ornaments! I LOVE Christmas!


All ornaments will vary!
All ornaments will vary!

DO YOU WANT MY DRESS AND SHOES? You can get THE VERY RED BOOTS I wore on NBC’s THE VOICE!  I’ll even autograph them for you!  I’ll even throw in the gorgeous RED DRESS I wore for A Kat Perkins Christmas Vol. I EP!

Get these RED BOOTS!
Get these RED BOOTS!


This dress is GORGEOUS and can be yours!
This dress is GORGEOUS and can be yours!

*every backer who pledges $50 or more will have access to an exclusive video of a few songs from the LIVE SHOW of “A Kat Perkins Christmas 2016”

*every backer who pledges $125 or more will have their NAME in the liner notes!

Where are the Kickstarter funds going?

Here are the estimated costs for the Kickstarter:

1. Production: $ 800 per song= $4,000

2. Studio time: drums – piano – guitar – etc at Pound Sound Studios = $500

3. Final Mixing: 5 songs @ $250 per song= $2,500

4. Mastering: $100 per song = $500

5. Recording artists miscellaneous = $500

Total – $8,000

Additional costs:

-Cost of album duplication

-Kickstarter and transaction fees are 5-10% of project’s total

-Marketing and promotion for the album

-Mechanical License to cover “Santa Baby”

-photo shoot for album cover and posters

I am thrilled to work alongside Eric Warner on recording this album. Warner is a fantastic producer and songwriter who worked on Kat Perkins – Fearless EP, my self-titled full length record, and the first Christmas album last year. He has an incredible ear and the perfect style to bring the songs of A Kat Perkins Christmas Vol. II to life.

The dream team consists of : Joe Harrier – bass; Dan Musselman – keys; Eric Warner – guitar and additional programming; Jeremy Tappero – drums; strings by Laurels Quartet in Minneapolis, MN.

More musicians to be added as finances allows!

This year I will also be featuring a choir of up and coming rising stars from the midwest!  Fostering young talents is ALWAYS near and dear to my heart.


Honestly, I am asking for the minimum of what it will cost to make this album. Any money left over will go into enhancing the record, possible music videos, and to help with marketing.

It’s important to know that with Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing. If I don’t reach my goal, I can’t record the album. Please contribute to my Kickstarter campaign, share this link with others, and help spread the word and the love!

****To find out more about A Kat Perkins Christmas, the live show, and to purchase tickets to the next event, visit www.katperkins.com

A Kat Perkins Christmas Live
A Kat Perkins Christmas Live

*Now let’s talk about stretch goals!

A lot of you may be wondering what happens if we reach our initial goal before the Kickstarter is over. That’s where stretch goals come in! Stretch goals will be announced if and when we hit our initial goal of 10k. The more money we raise, the more backers get in return and the more flexibility we have to make this album extra special!

I want to keep it mostly a surprise, but I will tease one stretch goal – A beautiful classic duet with a Minneapolis celebrity and amazing singer.  He appeared on stage with me and one of the Christmas shows last year!  Also… I picture a kick butt video to one of these songs to bring it to life!



Risks and challenges

This is my first crowd-funded project. I have backed SEVERAL on the other hand and I feel like I know what it takes to make a successful project and how to communicate with my backers.

Sometimes things do not go as planned in the studio – especially around the holidays. If any delays arise, I will be in constant contact with my backers to give them updates and to let them know how the album is coming along and when they should expect it.

Christmas is a very short window to complete a record and a live show, but since I already have one year under my belt, I have a concept of how to pack it all into a short period of time.

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