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Kings of the Wastelands: Kickstarter Funding Launches for Blistering New Post-Apocalyptic Comic. Sorry, Humanity, but Anthropomorphic Animals Now Rule…!


Masterfully crafted by Delbert Hewitt and Kenneth Devon Burns, ‘Kings of the Wastelands, Volume 1’ embroils readers in a 64-page, stunningly-illustrated comic that’s steeped with epic post-apocalyptic glory, a chilling new subspecies and compelling congruence to the real world. The authors and their team at Island Breeze Media LLC have taken inspiration from classic manga titles and are now out to break new ground but, for the project to come to fruition, $4,000 is required to cover the costs of final editing and production. It’s time to unleash the backers!


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Smyrna, Georgia – While manga and graphic novels have seen timeless popularity, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new comic experiences that do more than simply recycle the ‘same-old’ concepts. Thankfully, Delbert Hewitt, Kenneth Devon Burns and their team at Island Breeze Media LLC have stepped up to the plate with gusto.

The apocalypse has been and gone, a strange new species of anthropomorphic animals has taken over what’s left of the world and – pending the results of a recently-launched Kickstarter project – their story is about to be unraveled to comic lovers around the world.

‘Kings of the Wastelands, Volume 1’ is unlike any other graphic novel on the planet. The comic fuses its obviously-fictional storyline with real, current world events. Oh yes, and the project’s crowd-funding campaign is now live!


An apocalyptic event known as, The Uncovering, has created a subspecies on earth of living organisms that can no longer be considered animals. These anthropomorphic beings have the ability to speak, influence civilization and carry human–like attributes, yet no human seems to remain in existence.

The four kings that rule the wastelands of this new world look to remake civilization in their eyes.

Some of the species that survived The Uncovering and matured into anthropomorphic intelligent beings gained Asoma’s Eye, a spirit eye that allows them to read a book and harness its power. To gain this supernatural power, the user must have an affinity with the tome, known as a Tome Link.

Jacob, a dog that guarded his human family until their death is still struggling to find out what happened and why the world is the way it is. He blames The Unveiled for the death of his family and seeks vengeance against them. As his journey continues, he will find new friends and a new purpose as leader of the “Hidebounds” who are human sympathizers and an opposition group of “The Unveiled” and their followers “The Horde”.

“Kenneth and I have spent hundreds of hours burning the midnight oil on this project, and we’re now so close to the finish line,” explains Hewitt. “We have created 64 pages that we decided to bring together into one continuous, single-chapter comic. It’s like watching a movie! This is just the first volume of many more to come, with each arc paralleling real world events that all readers can recognize, relate to and use to fire their imaginations off to places they didn’t think possible.”

Continuing, “Our Kickstarter project is now live, with rewards ranging from digital and softcover versions of the final product all the way to book plates and even a full digital character commission! We also plan to open a store in 2017 to sell the books through, as well as an expanded range of products related to the franchise. But for now, come and fund us – we literally can’t launch this series without you!”

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