A machined metal stein, designed to keep warm hands away from cold beer. Ionomer bushings suspend glass in a no-swivel alloy frame.

About this project

The Concept

This is the golden age for beer drinkers. New beers are created every day, and there are more new tasty beers on shelves than one person could drink in a lifetime.

Sipping on bottles is for babies. Drinking Mead from a wine glass will get you a one-way ticket to Helheim. Beer should be drunk from an open glass vessel that allows the beer to breathe.

The problem was – the steins that were available all had issues. Glasses and steins made from glass, will heat up in your hands, and transfer your body heat to your beer. At the same time, condensation and cold from the glass of a regular stein, will make your hands cold and clammy.

The Work

As machinists and designers with over 50 years of experience between us, we built the Kramstein to eliminate all the things we didn’t like about steins.

We made steins the way only a machinist would. Cut from hard metal alloy, anodized to a durable finish, and laser-etched to perfection – The Kramstein was born.

The Result

The drinking glass is protected from the alloy frame, by the very best ionomer resin bushings, and held together with corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners.


The heat of your hands will not transfer to your beer, keeping your drink colder, and tastier, for a longer amount of time. The handle won’t get slimy or slippery like those glass-handled steins.

We liked the Kramstein enough, that we thought you might want one too. We hope you will let us build a Kramstein for you this year.

 Follow Up Survey

Upon completion of the campaign, a survey will be sent out, to collect the chosen colors for each reward. The Glass will be available in Clear and Smoke, and the alloy frame will be available in Black, Red, Blue, and Grey.




Risks and challenges

At Kramstein, we are all builders here. We are makers. In making our steins, we machined our own metal, cut our own glass, made our own bushings, and assembled our own steins with corrosion-resistant fasteners.

Projects always have unforeseen circumstances. After a decade of working together on projects for others, we know that the best way to reduce surprises, has been to build and test everything with our own hands, catch flaws early, and stay ahead of them.

This is our first Kickstarter, and we do not have any other projects to focus on until this project reaches completion. We will not require approval from any outside companies prior to distributing awards.

We’ve worked to reduce risk from a product standpoint, by sticking to what we know best. Machined metal parts held together with stainless fasteners – it’s a craft we’ve mastered over time. We’re also trying to keep things simple, and not add any unnecessary gizmos, or anything that could make fulfillment impossible.

The major foreseeable Process-QA issue will be timely fulfillment, and our minimum cost-to-succeed has been placed at a level that should allow us to overcome the hurdles at shipping time.

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