The Last Jigsaw Piece for Success: Improving Life with Performance Measurement


Many times, as you pursue the success you want, you find yourself going nowhere. Even after you have read books, attended courses, and followed every step they laid out for you, you are still stuck in the same place. Sometimes… you might be waiting for “the last jigsaw piece.” Destiny might be the one responsible for reeling you into this book—leading you to the last piece of the puzzle. Let “performance measurement” be one of the tools that leads you to your goals.

Readers of this book will have very limited risk but unlimited gain. The technique proposed in this book might help readers achieve their desired goals. The worst thing that can happen is only when they read it and do not act upon what is suggested in this book or already act but fail for some reasons. In both cases, it causes no harm to those readers at all (except their money for contribution, which is very little comparing to what they might gain).

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