A platform to compete with others to get recognition for literary excellence and chances to win money and publishing.

Money is being raised in order to provide monetary prizes and get resources to make our website more user-friendly, with added functionality such as:

  • Usernames / Login
  • Sharing information
  • Displaying running competitions
  • Displaying rewards and opportunities given to winning users
  • Overall increase in dynamics and size

We’d love to get in touch with you and figure out what we can do together. We’re very open to collaborating and advertising together.

Visit our website to see what we’re working with a find our contact information.

Risks and challenges

We’re currently talking to a variety of publishing and printing companies to try and cooperate with us by giving winners opportunities – until then we’ll be focusing entirely on monetary prizes.

The purpose for crowdfunding is to get enough money to kick off the platform and provide cash prizes – we anticipate that in the future the users will pay a small fee to enter competitions. That way we can get a revenue stream for our awesome employees and also sustain and gain future cash prizes.

One of our primary concerns and marketing and publicizing . Although we understand a enjoy the potential value this platform could bring to writers, we still worry about getting that message across.