Local Music Artist Crowdfunds Record By Himself


I’ve been a vinyl collector since I was thirteen years old and love supporting musicians. There’s something special with the way vinyl sounds and feels whenever you’re holding it in your hands, something that is hard to explain.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, I’ve been pursuing music since 2014 with my project The Polarity and have always wanted to make a special press of my work, but haven’t thought that any of it was worthy of pressing until I finished making my new record: Hurts So Good.

Learning from my previous records, I started working on Hurts So Good in October of 2016 and finished in April of 2017. The hours and diligence that went into making this record have changed how I make music now, along with the many people that helped create it. Probably the main reason my previous records weren’t as good as I had hoped was because I tried to do it all on my own. I worked with some of Fort Worth’s best music producers at The Hang Studios (Ben and Caleb Barnett) and together we made Hurts So Good everything that I wanted it to be.

I have been in communication with Hand Drawn Records, a vinyl production company based in Dallas, Texas, and they have informed me how much it will cost to make my dream happen. $2,700 will cover all of the expenses (pressing, shrink wrap, UPC, shipping). The quote also includes the price of the press I want to make, which will be some form of colored/glitter press. Hand Drawn Records is a brand new company and already have a more cutting edge than most vinyl production companies, they have designed new technology that improves the overall quality of all their pressings. Rest assured that all the Silver backers will receive some of the highest quality pressings possible.

I cannot provide all the funding on my own, and I want to create something that people can hold on to for a long time. This is where all the backers come into play. I will be forever grateful to all of you who help make this dream come true and I hope that these rewards will bless you as much as you have blessed me.  My goal is not to become another popular musician, but to simply make music and share it with people. Digital music is the new norm, but vinyl is the most important because that’s where it all started.

There are 7.65 billion people in this world, and even if only 125 of you pledged the Silver Reward we can reach our goal together. Will you help me?

Risks and challenges

The struggle with pressing vinyls is delivering the product within the specified time frame. But know that I have been in contact with Hand Drawn Records personally and will work night and day with them to ensure my fellow backers that their rewards will be delivered on time. Hand Drawn has a great reputation for having the most new age form of vinyl pressing technology, a way that allows them to work more effectively and efficiently.

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