Only Love Foundation: School Of Tomorrow


Building Schools Worldwide with Kickstarter.
Only Love Foundation designs state-of-the-art schools in developing communities.

Valley Stream NY, USA 22nd of November 2016

Only Love Foundation will build its first school in Homa Bay, Kenya beginning in 2017, and will continue building schools in, Benin, Guatemala, & Laos toward the end of 2017. [THEIR PLAN IS TO RAISE $25,000 BY MEANS OF KICKSTARTER TO ACHIEVE GOAL AND LAUNCH ON NOVEMBER 23RD, 2016]

In many developing countries such as Kenya, millions of children have no access to a proper education due to an underdeveloped economy, injustice, disability, lack of resources, and corruption.

With the support of friends, family, community, and people who want to reverse the status quo, OLF will finance the building of 3 schools per year in impoverished communities around the world, as well as the building of learning centers for school aged children in the homeland USA, starting in Brooklyn. “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -Howard Zen.

Only Love Foundation is a 501c3 registered non-profit organization dedicated to building schools around the globe, with 3 classrooms designed hold 100+ students simultaneously. Classroom blueprint & rendering are attached. For lighting and ventilation, our architect team considered the path of the sun, and wind on the site. This is why, instead of windows, we perforated the walls and create a 3 panel roof structure to cool down the spaces and allow natural light to illuminate the classrooms. This Kickstarter will boost Only Love Foundation’s momentum toward future goals.

Contact: [Founder] Craig Taylor Tel: (917) 864-2334
[Secretary] Leslie Rivero Tel: (516) 637-8018
Email: Address: 206 Ash Street, Valley Stream, NY 11580


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