Luminoodle COLOR & BASECAMP: Versatile, Waterproof Lighting


About this project

We’re back with the most versatile color changing LED light ropes! Based on real feedback from our original Luminoodle backers, we went back to the drawing board and created two new versions with the most requested features. We’re excited to bring the Luminoodle COLOR andLuminoodle BASECAMP to the Kickstarter community!

We launched the original Luminoodle last year right here on Kickstarter. After shipping out over 20,000 Luminoodles, we asked our backers for their feedback on the product design. The results were overwhelmingly positive and our backers gave us some amazing ideas on how to improve the product! We’ve taken your feedback to heart and have incorporated your ideas into the Luminoodle COLOR and BASECAMP:


The Luminoodle COLOR is five feet of RGB (red,green,blue) LED lights wrapped in a durable, waterproof tube. It is USB powered so it can run from portable batteries or any USB port/charger (optional Lithium 3300 available below). Let your imagination go wild with all the possible ways to brighten up any occasion from camping, to your home, or even the next music festival.

We are offering a compact, 3300 mAH battery solution that is USB rechargeable and will power the Luminoodle COLOR for 2 hours on full brightness and up to 10+ hours on a low light setting. It includes a slip-on magnet and quick strap so you can connect it along with yourLuminoodle COLOR to any surface.

The Luminoodle BASECAMP is our answer to the call for a longer and brighter Luminoodle. The 20 foot length is perfect for making your RV/camper, boat, home, backyard/patio, or basecamp really shine. The BASECAMP comes with 2 power options:  wall adapter for patio, garage, and home use and a car adapter for your car, RV, or boat. You can even power BASECAMP with the our Pronto 12 fast-charge battery (details below).

For a true off-grid experience, we are pairing up the BASECAMP with our Pronto 12 Battery pack. The Pronto is a fast-charge battery pack that completely charges in 1 hour with enough juice to run the BASECAMP for 40 plus hours or charge your phone 3-6 times.

Built-In Controls & Wireless Remote

Both BASECAMP and COLOR come with the 3 button controller and wireless remote that are simple, intuitive, and give you around 504 different lighting scenarios to choose from. Here is how they work:

We love Kickstarter and that’s why we’re back with our sixth campaign. A huge part of the value in crowdfunding is the feedback we receive from our backers.

Luminoodle Backer Survey Results:

( How would you improve the Luminoodle? )

The Lumindoodle Color and Basecamp are perfect examples of how we crowd source innovation. After we succeeded in funding and delivering the Luminoodle, we surveyed our backers. We received over 2,000 responses and we read every one of them. We took the top 5 areas that our backers felt would make our product even better and integrated those into our latest designs

Risks and challenges

This is Power Practical’s sixth Kickstarter project. We’ve got some great experience under our belts on how to manufacture goods and fulfill lots of orders in a relatively short amount of time. We’ve also had our share of unexpected issues, but have always dealt with them in a way that leaves every last customer happy with their purchase and proud to support our company.

For our last campaign, the original Luminoodle, we managed to finish production of the Luminoodles ahead of schedule. However, when it came to ship out the pledges, we worked with fulfillment company out of Hong Kong who made every mistake possible. The unfortunate result was that many of our backers received their Luminoodles late. Needless to say, we will not be working with this company again, and have found a great local fulfillment partner to work with.

The biggest risk we see with this project is the programming of the controls, which can take a lot of debugging. We’ve got the programming started, and are confident we’ll get quality work done quickly.

No matter what, we promise to work our hardest to meet the expectation of every backer!

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