Make inclusion the new norm. It’s possible.


Disability led performance company provides equal opportunity for people with and without disability in the performing arts.

20% of the Australian population identify with having a disability, which in total, equals the combined population of Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania & the Australian Capitol Territory.

Despite this huge number, people with a disability are still excluded from a lot of mainstream opportunities. Murmuration is making ‘inclusion’ the new norm in the performing arts sector and you too can be part of making this possible.


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With creativity and diversity at the heart of their practice, Murmuration is Sydney’s first professional integrated performance company. Their development programs are split into two main streams; ‘Making’ and ‘Learning’. Their ‘Making’ stream supports professional arts practice, through the research and development of integrated contemporary theatre, while their ‘Learning’ stream is open to all people to participate in the performing arts through workshops, events and outreach.

“We strongly believe that everyone deserves access to the undeniable benefits of participating in the performing arts”. Sarah-Vyne Vassallo, Artistic Director.


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Despite recent funding cuts in the arts sector, Murmuration is rising above and paving the way for a new kind of normal in the performing arts, without wanting inclusion to be considered extraordinary or exceptional.

Their creative learning program aims to give everyone, from babies to seniors (no matter what their ability, background or perspectives) access to quality experiences in the performing arts.

As both an artist led and disability led company, Murmuration is committed to providing performing arts experiences that connect community members with professional artists. Their work aims to inspire creativity, expand cultural understanding, and foster a lifelong passion for continued learning and engagement in the arts.

“We take a lateral approach to all our activities and events, by providing an equitable, safe and creative environment that supports the needs of the community with a welcoming and non-judgmental approach”. Dan Daw, Artistic Associate. 

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With global conversations around equality becoming more prominent in society, the inclusion of people with a disability is still often overlooked, which is why Murmuration has taken on such a proactive stance.

The performing arts is the perfect vehicle to breakdown stereotypes and influence change. Murmuration’s’ learning stream is one step towards achieving this, and the company needs your support.

As forerunners in this field, Winston Churchill Fellow Sarah-Vyne Vassallo and BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellow, Dan Daw are the driving force behind Murmuration. The dynamic pair are passionate about redefining the perception of what people with a disability are capable of achieving.

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Artist’s Profile: Sarah-Vyne Vassallo

Artist’s Profile: Dan Daw

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