Mason Jar 2.0-Just a Matter Of Time FIRST RELEASE E.P. 7" Vinyl


My name is Frank Dubé,   guitarist of 25 years of experience and  this is  a project of mine , a mixed up styles  of   Ska,punk and  a bit of metal!

I played everything execpt drums  which is  a friend of mine on drums!

I need funds to start this production,  for the distribution it’s not a problem  I already got the deal for the distribution  with El Cheapo Recordz  and PAG Distribution. My only problem is  funding  , I’m a 40 hours a week  worker  , a married man  and  a father! I want to produce this 7″ like  you can see  in the photos  which the 4 vinyl tests  that I received  earlier this week! The  sound is ready and  perfect  to  pressed  on a bigger quantity!!Because so far  I sell one  to make another until i reached  50 copies   but  this way has  a big cost of production I’m losing  $$  like this  but  if I make 300 copies  or 500 copies there’s a bigger  benefit  and after I can make another production by my own!

The music already play in Quebec city on CKRL 89,1 FM

and in Colombia on HKL Radio!

You can listen to it too  on SPOTIFY

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