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All funding will subsidise tailored therapy for children and young people where no funding is available

In a muddle? … we can help! We offer a wide range of tailored therapy and support services, to meet individual needs in any situation.
Having worked in the public sector for over 13 years and 7 years in education, I have assisted thousands of people in a variety of situations and settings.

Over a year ago, the tables turned and I found myself in a ‘muddle’ – unable to cope with a sequence of traumatic events in my life. I reached out for help and wasn’t able to find the support to meet my needs through my employer or GP. I quickly discovered that there is no central point of contact for mental health services and there is a lack of information available to the public, particularly for services providing advice, guidance and assistance in a difficult situation.

The strict criteria and thresholds used in government systems mean that many children, young people and adults ‘slip through the net’ and do not have access to essential services. Mental Health in the UK is in a ‘crisis situation’ and media reports indicate, that 1 in 4 adults and at least 1 in 10 children and young people experience mental health problems every year. Government funding and services offer Mental Health support to the public through a range of services, which are already stretched and are not effective for everyone.

I had to wait over 16 weeks for a referral to Mental Health services for counselling, by which time I had effectively cured myself. However, for many people, the outcome is not so positive, but this could be a different picture if ‘mental health’ is widely understood and services are more accessible to the public.

Using my own strategies with the support of my network of family and friends, I turned my negative situation into a positive and formed my own company with a mission to fill this void – providing a range of services, tailored to the individual, to assist in any situation.

Everyone is unique and our needs are individual, so it is not surprising that therapy is not effective as a ‘blanket approach’. We work together with our clients to meet their individual needs; inspiring minds to help people to see clearly. We strive to achieve the desired results, in a healthy, positive state of mind.

We have a team of therapists with a wide range of skills, which can be delivered in a variety of ways. Therapy can be conducted in person at a suitable location of choice, over the telephone, via email, FaceTime or Skype. We have conference facilities at our offices, but we can arrange to travel to a number of locations nationwide for group sessions.

My mission is to improve mental wellbeing, educational attainment and employment prospects. Our services provide support to adults, children, young people, families, schools, educational establishments, educational practitioners, and other organisations, through the provision of; counselling, coaching, advice, guidance, assistance, training, educational and support services.

I have a clear focus and will endeavour to raise awareness of mental health and turn this ‘crisis’ situation into a positive; by providing a range of services, tailored to the individual or business, to assist in any situation.

Using the knowledge and skills I possess, my approach has proven to be effective, working with individuals (children, young people, and adults alike) in a number of situations and environments, using different mediums. I have testimonials from families, schools and individuals for the positive difference I have made to date.


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