MyBand – A child safety bracelet that gives you full piece of mind


MyBand is a new stylish and trustworthy safety bracelet that cannot be removed by any stranger.

MyBand which connects to your smartphone via our MyBand App will give you pinpoint accuracy of where you child is if they were to get lose. Also with its own unique key and un-cuttable core it makes it the most secure child friendly safety device.

With it being every parents worst nightmare for them to lose sight of there child the MyBand app will give pinpoint accuracy of where there child is if they were to get lost.

MyBand is also perfect for school groups going on trips. With the MyBand being able to have multiple MyBands in the same app it will all teachers to locate a child if they went missing.

MyBand is waterproof, stylish and can withhold any child’s rough and tumble so you can take it anywhere with you.

The MyBand will also be available for Alzheimer and Dementia patients and Pet owners

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