NearMe App


The next time you are out and about, pause for a moment to take a look around you. Whether you are in a café, working out at the gym, riding public transportation, or simply walking down the street—you are sure to be surrounded by dozens of people you have yet to meet, but might like to. Using NearMe you can see profiles of people around you on public places even if you’ve never met them before. With the Near Me app, you can easily introduce yourself through a direct text message, without the awkward banter of striking up a conversation with someone who is sitting across the room. And if they aren’t interested in engaging, now worries—simply go about your day!


Never Miss Another Opportunity To Meet Someone New!

Remember when u saw someone while out and about who we wish we had connected with. With the Near Me app, you can minimize missed opportunities—and expand your social circle without pressure.

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• The app also allows you to group chat with people around you that you’ve never met. You have a default group which participants are the people around you anywhere you go. You can adjust the distance of your group. Lets say from 15 metres to 30 metres. This would mean that the group members are you and the people around you within 30 metres. For example you can ask people in the restaurant about the menu. Or if you are new in Uni and u don’t know anybody its a great tool to meet new people and you can ask questions about the topic you didn’t understand from the lecturer.

Another feature of See.Me is it allows you to find anyone locally that you need in terms of their skills or interests. For example Handyman, Gardener, Programmer or Singles.

How will you benefit from using NearMe:

• Have a quick question? Text the woman across the room to tell her that you like her dress, and would love to know where she bought it.

• Shy? You are not the only one. Just see if the one you have an eye on is on Near Me, and send a text to strike up a conversation.

• Is your professor moving too fast? Send out a group message to your class to help you catch up.

• Does that dish look good? Inquire about what nearby diners are eating, or ask if the dinner special is really as good as it sounds.

• Need a last minute workout partner, babysitter, or service provider? Find out who is nearby with the Near Me app.

• New in town? Strike up a conversation with the bloke across the room, and inquire about some of the hottest spots in town.

The group chat feature of the app allows to build communities in any place you visit. For example when you go to the gym and your app is on you will get notification to add to the gym group which is set by the gym for their customers. In this group, customers interact with each other and the gym can promote their new products or special offers. in the same way it will be useful to create groups, lets say  Science class, where students can ask their teacher questions, interact and help each other with their courseworks etc.

You can also create groups locally. For example you want to create group FC Arsenal fans. Click on create group, type the distance, lets say within 5 miles. Then you type the tag FC Arsenal. Thus whoever is within your 5 miles and tagged themselves as fans of Arsenal in their profiles will get notification from you saying that you want to add them in the “FC Arsenal” group.

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